Thursday, 25 September 2014

Autumn Edit | Beauty

I may or may not have just plucked my eyebrows which might of caused my eyes to water like crazy, so if there is some pathetic spelling or things not making sense going on, it will probably be keeping up my brow game that is responsible. Anyway, I wanted to write about a few random products worth a mention but realized while I was writing notes on them of how good they are to include in this post, that they won't be going anywhere in my makeup/beauty routine. So I figured a well earned shout-out was in order, they are all so good. 

First things first I think the beginning of 2014 has been a bit of a lull with makeup nothing really sparking any interest.. But toward the end of summer and beginning of Autumn, Kylie Jenner's makeup has had a fresh take on makeup channeling 90s lips and fresh, youthful skin. So I have been majorly inspired by her recently (I was even contemplating getting my hair cut short and dyed darker because it looked so good on her!). Her make-up recently has been the main reason for 2 of the purchases made in the past few months which were Mac's 'Spiked' eyebrow pencil and 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick. I'll start with the eyebrow pencil; small, precise nib to mimic hairs and a perfect colour match in between my eyebrows and hair. I few drawbacks though- the twist up part at the top sometimes works and sometimes doesn't which is really strange, to say it is quite expensive I would of thought the mechanism would of been the basics of the product, but it really doesn't matter because it works for me. Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous shade of pinky-taupey-brown and it is (I believe) the lipstick Kylie wears, it goes perfectly with any makeup and makes your lips look really nice and full.

~Excuse the messy products; proof that they are well loved!~
-Spiked and Velvet Teddy-
 L'oreal True Match Foundation had to be in my post because it seriously feels so high end on the skin, lasts really well on the skin for a good 7 hours without touch ups on my combination skin, colour is a good match, finish is satin/matte but comfortable, medium/full coverage and it is only £9.99! This foundation seems to transfer from my skin it just seems to sit on top of my face and not really blend into the skin, say like double wear. Say if i blow my nose, most of the foundation comes off onto the tissue, but this happens to me with every foundation I've ever tried, so it might be my skin.

Not really too much to say about the next two products but they are nail varnishes which are - Essie wicked, a classic, deep, burgundy red and Ciate Cream Soda, a pale shade of grey and both have a 2 coats for perfection finish, I love them both and have found myself subconsciously alternating between the two.

Lastly, it has to be the Laura Mercier Hand Cream in the Creme Brulee flavor, smells incredible, only need a tiny amount for really deep nourishment on the hands mine feel super soft and i have been writing/typing/cooking, not greasy or filmy in any way, the smell of the hand cream lasts for ages after applying it too, super impressed with this product, i have never thought i needed to use a hand cream so never did, but this product has made me a convert!

                                                         What are you loving going into autumn?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

3 Affordable Plum Lipsticks

I have been taking major inspiration recently from the whole 'dark lips, 90's' kind of vibe . Maybe I've been watching too much Mindy Project, where Mindy is mostly sporting a dark lip colour of some kind, but it's made me a little bit obsessed with the stuff. So I wanted to dip my toe in Plum lipsticks, without paying through the nose for something, that might not suit me/be out of my comfort zone, and then invest in a higher end product if i do end up wearing it. Here are my options:
I love Topshop make-up, the cutesy packaging and in the drugstore price ranges, you get seriously good stuff. This Topshop polish in Truffle, caught my eye as it wasn't in the typical...well, anything for a lip product to be honest. Its like a brown toned/purple colour with a more of a sheer texture and glossy finish. As it is more of a balm it's moisturizing and makes your lips look nice and plump. But one thing I didn't expect, is great lasting power and this balm lasted all day! It is unbelievably easy to apply and it comes with a little mirror. All these little bonus' seriously add up to make this little underdog a bit of a staple in my makeup bag. £4.99. It is not available anymore but there are so many other similar products (Sleek pout polish for example)

I think the first plum actual lipstick i ever bought was the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry. I saw a similar colour on a girl in Glamour magazine and loved it, so naturally tried to find a colour similar. Everything about it seriously feels high end. From the Tom Ford-esque colour packaging, to the finish. It is
an opaque coverage and lasts seriously well with it being a more matte lipstick on the lips and would probably last forever with a lip liner. But the Real show stealer is the colour; a deep, true plum colour which would suit literally every skin tone. £7.49

Last but not least is The Beauty UK Lipstick in Plumalicious No. 17 which i like to wear with the Beauty UK clear gloss, which are both seriously good for the price (I think the gloss is around £3.49, bargain!). More of a pinky tone purple lipstick this one but equally pretty. I think this is great either with a few opaque coats or dabbed on the lips for a wash of this colour. This too is a very sheeny lipstick and lasts to say it is so. I'd recommend this lipstick to someone with a dark/olive skin-tone or dabbed on the lips/mix it with a darker colour if you are more on the paler side. I'm really glad I bought this Lipstick, it's very affordable, nice packaging (i like how you can see the shade at the top), gorgeous colour, good staying power. I will be buying a lot more from Beauty UK as I have loved everything I have from them so far. Recommend. £3.49

As with most lipsticks you need to have a smooth service to apply them onto and it makes all the difference. Use a lip scrub and lip balm before wiping them both off then applying your lipstick! (LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub)
Some of my lipsticks match my inspiration for this post!

H xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


When i stay overnight somewhere, I always think I need to take everything with me, like everything, i annoy myself with it. But I've learnt I really really don't need to and have managed to narrow down my necessities and I'm not lumping three massive bags around when i go anywhere, so now I only carry one and i really do not know how i filled three over-night bags (cough, probably from playing too much Left for Dead and thinking there is going to be a zombie apocalypse at any minute and then i will need a change of 10 outfits :D).
I recently stopped at Manchester overnight and i thought i would share what i brought with me; Make-up wise. It was just shopping so i wanted to be comfortable, but wear my make-up would last.
 I got my hair cut with layers and what have you, not sure if I like it..
 My nail varnish is Barry M- Crush and my jumper is from Primark on sale for £3.
 I took my real techniques Expert Face brush for foundation, Mac 130 brush for concealer, No7 intelligent colour foundation in light mixed with Max Factor Weightless foundation in Light ivory. For my eyes I took a blending brush (Topshop) and a compact brush to pack on the colour, I took my YSL wet n' dry Palette in #2...
 My all time favourite Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Seventeen phwoarr paint in fair, Maybelline Falsies waterproof, Gosh eyebrow pencil in black/brown, collection eyeliner felt tip (I absolutely love this It's good for beginners), and last but not least, L'Oreal telescopic, for my lower lashes.

Lacking in makeup inspiration lately, so please do link any face of the day posts or anything like that, I love seeing them :)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Moment's that Mattered.

2013 was a year to remember, and bare with me on this because im going to be brutally honest about it. This is real life people! ;)
So, it has been only recently, maybe a year or so ago, (in 2013 how awesome yay..) I developed really bad anxiety. And yeah, its really as bad as people make it out to be, x10. Shaking when im in public situations, sweaty palms, clumsiness(which is the worst), over thinking every detail, crying too often, panic attacks, loss of love for things i adored before or just being out of touch, just general mental pain and struggle. Which meant for the most part I stayed inside and didn't really talk to anyone or I also feel that depression and anxiety sometimes come hand in hand, and because it all flooded over me at once, i knew this was the case. And because it was only recent, nobody around me knows how to help me, it was as much of a shock to them as it is to me. My family didn't even know what was going on with me i hid it that much. So I feel like I am struggling very much by my self and I think it is only getting worse. It made me question myself because I wasn't like this before, why am I like this now? I know this was supposed to be about things that were ultimately happy in 2013 but because it took up such a huge portion of last year i had to include it otherwise it wouldn't be a true reflection of 2013. To try and describe it to someone would be someone elses invisible hand holding back and talking in my head disagreeing with me and it has slowly changed me very much. I may not have done much in terms of fun things and trips but it is all because of anxiety. I have so many things planned but i really am trying to focus on over coming it and doing what i love. It is a very real thing and its lead me to talk about how happy the internet makes me. It can seriously bring me out of the darkest place, its amazing. YouTube has literally kept me company for my loneliest times, and there have been many. I subscribed to Roosterteeth and the Achievement Hunter fella's over on 'Lets Play' a few years back and they have never failed to make me roll laughing.
(For reference the best people on the internet are pictured below.)

I wish i could say 2013 was all 'rainbows and smiles' for the most part but i would be lying haha, but that's just life. From January it just went downhill, one thing after another, and I never seemed to have a peak moment and here we are. I just wanted to be as honest as i could. On a side note having so much of a bad time last year made it easier for me to see the awesome things that came out of last year, like doing a year at college doing something i never thought i could do (Performing Arts, i have never danced on stage in my life, and i never plan to again haha!). . Also my Uncle came over from Canada who i haven't seen in years and it was very emotional to say the least, but it was a happy few day's and im so glad he did. I hope to see him again very soon. I know what i want to achieve in 2014, and 2013 made it clearer to prioritize and to not let foul, evil anxiety get in my way, however hard.


Me and my uncle. I got ice cream all over my face just before this picture was taken, other wise i'd make it bigger, you feel me? ;) 

(Random Selfies from over the years on my blog)
My blog (my baby), has given me something amazing to focus on and i genuinely do enjoy every single part of it. It makes me soo happy it's unreal and my blog is still growing in my eyes and I'm all good with that otherwise, if its already perfect there is no journey, no? Some deep stuff but it is all too real folks. All these learning curves in 2013 will ultimately make me who I am so i will thank last year for how tough it was, because if it didn't happen how will i know how tough I am? Last year was definitely a year for family and friends. Whether that meant talking to family members over sea's for the first time (there was a lot of that), or getting more in contact and making plans with them, which is so amazing.
 Alrighty, that was my year in a nutshell. What kind of year was 2013 for you?


Saturday, 11 January 2014


I hope I am not alone in that I get very inspired by sales. In any department, but yesterday it was beauty and i got some real steals. I wanted to share because Tk Maxx isn't really given a lot of air time in terms of blogs and YouTube and that, and to be honest, it really should. Near enough every time I go in i find something massively discounted and brand spankers! (New) So, naturally, i bought a few bits.

Just to let you know of something i picked up but put back because it wasn't my kind of scent. I was literally just going to buy it because it was so cheap; and that was a this works candle, full size, in lavender and roman camomile for a grand total of £7. And there was much, much more where that came from, sales racks all over! If that sounds like your thing, in short, get yourself to Tk Maxx! On with what i bought.
Charles Worthington moisture seal intense rescue melting balm - £11.33 on sale from £16.99 at Boots.
 I am really excited to try this, probably the cheapest lash enhacer i've seen. If any body has tried this let me know how it was it looks great. I will be doing a review of this but it may take a while? waiting for results on my eyelashes and everything.
 Ciate nail 'Foil' sets and these were on sale because it wasn't the full set but for full size ciate nail polishes in awesome colours the bow is missing but im not fussed at all about that. The colours are pepperminty and cream soda. Originally those sets are £18 and for a pound each, I don't think its bad at all.
 I will do posts on all of these things, swatches, reviews and what have you. Yes I am a cheapskate, holla but who isnt?!
 Alrighty, thank you for reading byeee.


Monday, 6 January 2014

รก la Kim Kardashian

Aside from looking through makeup trends and what the newest releases are based around cosmetics, which i love, my second favorite thing to do is look at my style inspirations.  I have accumulated quite a few people that i look up to in the style world, im a big, big fan of Kimmy K's, Vanessa Hudgens, and just those randomer's you come across on Instagram and Tumblr. But for the most part it is Kim that i look for unofficial fashion advice, she is hyped up for a reason, she seriously knows how to dress.
There are obviously countless outfits of hers that i would love to upload on here, but i picked up a pair of joggers in the Topshop January sales that were so similar in style and material i had to share. Oh and they went down in price from £30 to £7.Tehe.

I believe that the joggers
Kim is wearing are by Kanye West. I love what she has paired them with like the t shirt with the
graphic print and the simple pumps.

And this way is gorgeous too, i personally prefer the white blouse and shoes with these outfits. Mercy (her kitten) was so adorable. I think the shoes that she is wearing are by none other than Mr. Kanye West. I think they are so original but classy. Love them. Must be nice to have a fiance that has such good style, so raw. Better close up of the blouse (and the kitty hehe) below.

These are the pair that i bought, amazingly similar but much cheaper, no need to worry about the quality because it is Topshop.. They are like a silky material and feel soooo soft, all that is different is the drawstring as these don't have one.

I hope you found this somewhat interesting, or inspiring follow my Pinterest it has alot of my current loves and inspirations (fashion and make-up). Thank you for reading! xx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

● Crazy cat lady ●

What goes better together in a post than a lipstick and a cat? Let's make it a thing people. He's called Bob/Bobby/Shitbrick.. but mainly Bob, show him some love.
 I'm thinking about uploading some drawings on here too. For a chance to make this blog into something less generic and more of a portfolio of things i love. But for now, i made a little collection of images of a lipproduct ive been liking. Ooo, artsy fartsy.
It is the Collection Creme Puff lip matte lip colour i think cotton candy is the shade? Meh, I don't know but i really like the consistency and the colour is sick too.  I have the pale one too but i much prefer something richer most days. Looking at these photos i reeeally need to get a tan. But I may have bought a St.Tropez fake tan which i will update you on, holla.

Seriously though, it'll take me some time to figure out what I am really even doing with this blog, I will be trying some different stuff in each post, little bit of this, little of that. Should be interesting so watch this space.

Exciting stuff, thank you for reading hehe, G'bye.